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Learn Python

more companies are tracking, analyzing, and using the insights they find to make better decisions. In this Skill Path, you’ll learn the fundamentals of data analysis while building Python skills.

To start this Skill Path, contact with Croissant Softech.

Use your Python skills to better present the data by visualizing it with graphs, charts, and more.

Statistics can be tricky, but you’ll have no problem analyzing data to make more informed decisions.

Check your gut instincts by designing and running A/B tests to further evaluate the data.

Gain a practical, real-world skill that you can use right away to stand out at your job


Python Tutorial  will enable you to learn Python online in the easiest way possible. This Python Tutorial course has been designed to ensure it helps a beginner Learn Python and become a master programmer of Python.

The Python Programming Course includes a detailed explanation on how to install Python, set up the Python Environment, how to set up data types and create variables, how to write Python code from scratch, input & output, how to use regular expressions, collection, how to implement GUI, how to work with a database, and many more topics.

Why to Enroll?


The  Python certificate course at Croissant Softech offers you a comprehensive yet detailed account of the concepts of Python through its  tutorials. Also, our Python course material is designed in collaboration with subject matter experts to ensure that the curriculum meets the current industry requirements and includes Python programming examples. To ensure that you understand the concepts in depth, our content is enriched with graphics and animations.

What Skills Do I Gain Course?

The Python for beginners at Croissant Softech is designed in collaboration with industry experts, which means industry-relevant concepts and Python programming examples are a priority in the syllabus. Through our Python tutorial for beginners, you will learn about different types of Operators, programming with Python, using Constructors and Destructors, working with input and output, exception handling, and more. On successful completion of the programming, you will be in a position to take up Python programming independently.

You really feel like there's nothing you can't learn, which in turn builds so much confidence in your skills and gives the momentum to keep learning.