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Manual Testing

This program will advance your career as Manal test engineer. You’ll learn top skills demanded in the industry to apply engineering to software test processes and build quality products.



  1. What is Software Testing, Defect, Types of Defect, SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle),Test Methods- Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle), Types of Testing- Functional and Non-functional Testing, 7 key principles of Testing. 
  1. Sequential Model- Waterfall Model
  2. Incremental Model- Agile, RAD (Rapid Application Development), Spiral Model.
  1. What is Verification? Techniques of verification- Walkthrough, Inspection
  2. What is Validation? Levels of Testing- Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing
  3. V Model (Verification and Validation model)
  1. Testing related to change- Retesting, Regression Testing
  2. Testing related to functionality- Security Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing
  3. Testing related to software characteristics or Non Functional Testing-
    Performance Testing- Load Testing, Stress Testing, Endurance testing, Spike testing, Compatibility Testing, Configuration Testing, Usability Testing, User Interface Testing, Internationalization testing, Localization Testing
  1. Requirement Analysis- Functional and non-functional requirements
  2. Use case- use case template, use case actors, use case paths/flows
  1. Test Plan – IEEE829 Test Plan template
  2. Configuration Management
  1. Specification based testing techniques:-Black box testing techniques- Equivalence Class Partition, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision tables, State transition
  2. White box testing techniques- Statement coverage, Branch coverage, Path coverage, cyclomatic complexity
  3. Experience based testing techniques:-Error guessing, Exploratory Testing.
  4. How to make Test scenarios and Test cases?
  1. Agile model
  2. Scrum
  3. Xtreme Programming
  1. What is Defect?
  2. Difference between error, bug, defect, failure
  3. Types of Defects
  4. Defect Life cycle
  5. Defect Reporting Template
  6. Severity
  7. Priority
  1. Manual Vs Automation, Advantages & Disadvantages of Manual Testing,
    Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation Testing.
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